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VIP Action Sports

VIP Action Sports has been producing winning results since 1990 out of it’s Las Vegas, NV and Fort Lauderdale, FL offices. Owned by former vegas sportsbook assistant manager, Tony Manetti, VIP Action Sports brings unmatched connections to vegas wiseguy bettors, linesmakers, and sportsbook managers. Tony has built relationships with many of his former players, employees, and rivals in vegas. These relationships allow Tony to gain access to top inside information that normally only sportsbook managers and vegas linesmakers share amongst themselves.

In return for this information, Tony has agreed to avoid sending “runners” to play his action at those vegas sportsbooks, instead distributing the action at other various vegas and offshore sportsbooks. Tony’s top releases annually rank amongst the most purchased in the industry, as his prestigious “VIP CLUB” is consistently ranked as one of the top play services in the nation. With an in-depth understanding of how the backroom operations of a top vegas sportsbook operates, Tony has been able to interpret when the sportsbook is trying to sucker the public into a “bad” line, or when it is trying to purposely put out a “soft” line to draw action away from the side that the true wiseguys are all over.

Sportsbooks have tricks and secrets that they do not want the public to know about when they put out their opening numbers. From his firsthand experience with a vegas sportsbook, Tony has been able to decipher these loopholes and turn VIP Action Sports into one of the nation’s top sports services over three deacdes now.

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