Vincent Pioli

Vincent Pioli

Vincent Pioli(aka “Mr. Numbers” among vegas wiseguys) is widely regarded as one of the most influential sharps in vegas and throughout the country. After spending the first 37 years of his life in Queens, New York, Pioli moved out to vegas in the fall of 1984. His name remains legendary in new york years after moving out west, as many long-time new york city bookies still don’t post opening lines until they talk with Pioli or one of his associates. Pioli currently owns and operates the Pioli Sports Syndicate out of a beautiful downtown office in Las Vegas.

Pioli is legendary among vegas sportsbook owners for his wide array of top notch nationwide information sources, which include pro scouts, former players, college boosters, sports media, team trainers, and sports agents to name a few. How powerful and respected in Las Vegas is Pioli? In a tale that has become legendary throughout vegas and an embarrassment for one prominent vegas sportsbook, Pioli and his longtime friend and wiseguy associate, Tony Campone, had a vegas sportsbook post an opening line on a Pac 10 college hoops game in 1997 that was a full 3 points off of what it should have been. Pioli and Campone had been winning all year long playing against a Pac 10 school, which had this sportsbook’s chief linemaker convinced that this team was shaving points.

Pioli and Campone caught wind of the rumor and used it against the sportsbook by having their “runners” try to place a $750,000 wager 15 minutes before the opening line came out on this team’s next game. The sportsbook’s owner and it’s chief linemaker panicked and opened up the line on this game a full 3 points higher than what it should have been. To make a long story short, Pioli and Campone placed over 1.7 million on the team they had previously been playing against and ended up covering the spread by, you guessed it, 3 points!!! Wiseguys in vegas love telling that story and it is part of the legend that is the one and only Vincent Pioli.

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