New York Players Club

New York Players Club

Since 1985, the New York Players Club has been one of the most successful and connected proffessional sports betting syndicates in the United States. With offices in downtown Manhattan and on Long Island, the club operates 24 hour call centers 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With a membership base of 97 of the world’s biggest and best high rollers calling and faxing in their plays and information to the company’s call centers, the club operates the largest sports information network in the industry today.

The club’s CEO is Scott Lynch, a 1984 graduate from Syracuse University. Scott was hired in 1991 by the club’s owner, Vincent C. Mellucci. Mellucci was looking for a qualified CEO to expand the club’s new york area network into a larger nationwide network. Scott’s first job was to recruit private investors in and outside of the new york area to invest in the company. The goal was to create the funds to go out and pay some of the industry’s biggest and best sportsbook managers, linesmakers, high rollers, scouts, and runners to work for the club.

These people are now paid for jobs that include calling in inside information, reporting huge wiseguy action bets, reporting bad lines, scouting teams, and placing bets for the club in Las Vegas and offshore. Behind Scott Lynch and it’s top network of members and wealthy investors, the New York Players Club promises to be one of the nation’s most powerful sports betting syndicates for the years and decades to come.

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